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Past Incidents

Sunday 6th January 2019

No incidents reported

Saturday 5th January 2019

No incidents reported

Friday 4th January 2019

Infrastructure Issue with an addons load balancer

16:36:30 UTC: A load balancer stops accepting new connections

16:38:00 UTC: An alert due to an important change in network traffic is triggered

16:39:30 UTC: The load balancer is restarted

Everything is back to normal now.

Thursday 3rd January 2019

Infrastructure [Reverse Proxy] A reverse proxy is dropping TLS connections

A reverse proxy is dropping some of the TLS connections it receives

EDIT 10:07 UTC: The reverse proxy has been restarted and the issue seems to be resolved. We are monitoring the situation.

MongoDB shared cluster Shared MongoDB experiencing downtime

The front "mongos" component of the free shared cluster is behaving erratically. We are investigating it.

EDIT: There was sudden drops in free disk space. We change the logging method and it seems to have stabilized the system. We are still working on figuring out the issue.

Wednesday 2nd January 2019

MongoDB shared cluster MongoDB shared cluster authentication issues

A maintenance operation is in progress on the Europe MongoDB shared cluster.

We are having issues with the authentication component. Open connections are working fine, new connections are impossible for now.

17:21 UTC: It should be fixed. We are making sure.

17:30 UTC: Incident over.

Tuesday 1st January 2019

No incidents reported

Monday 31st December 2018

No incidents reported